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Is it worth buying an electric car

Is it worth buying an electric car

Many people finally or soon really accept that electric cars or electric cars will become the way for everyone to travel. Gradually, I even have my problem. This is not to say that electric cars do not provide some special advantages, but for a wide range of options, they even have various weaknesses, especially when we discuss everyone Both claim that electric vehicles replace.

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Features of the electric car:

1). Battery life: The maintainer believes that the battery life of electric vehicles is recovering, although this is usually obvious, so surprising progress has been made. People have chosen simple connectors, and in the future, we will work harder to adopt This amazing battery mode, life, to save volume and cost-however, we hope that the current life can be better extended to help compete with other available force frames.

2). If hydrogen fuel is our future, why we need to replace batteries: Defenders pointed out that the development of electric vehicles has now arrived, more effective and better than fossil energy vehicles, and we should rapidly increase the use of electric vehicles. Hydrogen fuel will soon be feasible because the new stock material will work as expected and clogged. This has proved a huge progress. Will the transformation of electric vehicles be short-lived, frustrating, and crush fuel vehicles, which will be completed by hydrogen charging in 2030? Assuming this is the case, what's the point? Everything we do is to use a lot of batteries in landfills.

3). Bolivia and China have a large amount of lithium. This is not difficult to achieve. Within the United States, our lithium is becoming more serious and requires more work. Therefore, it is more difficult to separate. If we buy from Bolivia, we will support a communist fascist government that is different from the United States. In the absence of many opportunities for us to buy from China, they will do something equivalent to the previous renewable energy vehicles and make their electric vehicles cheaper and sell them to our business unit, which will harm American cars. Manufacturers may also incur career costs, political scope-means business is blocked. Being detained by China or Bolivia is not shrewd.

4). Just like we are in the California desert, mining lithium at a depth of 2,000 feet, and using deep oil drilling technology to approach the San Andreas problem, considering the closure defect of Quake, this is not a particularly insightful thing.

5). Everyone in electric vehicles is happy with greetings such as the "Gem Road". No matter which country, as long as one person enters the car, many countries will welcome the benefits of residential roads or road traffic. As more and more people buy electric cars, these advantages are forced to disappear due to the promotion of electric cars to save deadlock and time in driving.

There are more shortcomings, but we should consider these shortcomings before selling as our backbone in this mode of transportation. So think.