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Tips for preparing your car for the cold winter

Tips for preparing the car in the cold winter

Windshield wipers and liquid-mist, rain every day will affect your perception in winter, allowing you to use the sharp edges of wipers and cleaning fluid more widely than ever. The liquid catalyst device near the sharp edge of the winter wiper will help prevent freezing. It is also important to keep other dissolvable windshield washer.

cold winter

Battery-An extreme evaluation of batteries, links, terminals and liquids will help determine that your vehicle is ready for the winter. Climate adds weight to your battery. Many auto parts stores will test your battery power limit to avoid charging.

Re-check the tires-if you have not installed winter tires on your vehicle, make sure to take good handling of your existing tires to ensure excellent track life, deflection wear and measurement, and check the sidewalls for slices and scratches to help You know whether your tires are ready to deal with strong weather. In addition, cold weather will reduce the pressure factor inside the tires, making them unable to work normally during the day.

Coolant-by controlling the temperature of the motor to shut down, the cooling frame of the vehicle must ensure that the motor is not corroded. During the colder season of the year, you need to make sure that you are essentially using a legal ratio of coolant and water in the frame, and the appropriate type of coolant for the vehicle. If you are not sure, you can simply check whether the coolant is sufficient.

Ice Washer-Place the ice washer in the vehicle and in each case the vehicle should be completely cleared, not just a peephole in the windshield. You need to be prepared to see the entire environment, the rearview mirror and the situation through the rear window. When you relax backwards, the snow on the roof may sag and block the windshield, or land on other people's vehicles while you are driving. In some states, the law prohibits vehicles from freezing.

Especially in the seasons when the road conditions are gentle and the frost temperature is low, you must keep the endurance bag in the car under all conditions only in the event of a crisis. Some things to consider include additional gloves, boots and covers, bellmouths, snow chains, lights and spare batteries, vehicle chargers or compact mobile phone chargers, and whistles. In addition, check your filling and confirm that your vehicle jack is in an acceptable working condition.

Keep the fuel tank at more than half-if you get stuck or abandoned, the electric motor will be your only source of warmth, and you need to make sure you have enough fuel to stay warm. Sometimes it is important to clear the snow from behind the exhaust pipe and keep it unobstructed to prevent lethal gas from accumulating in the car.
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